Can You Really Use The Power Of Meditation To Lose Weight Permanently?

The Answer Is “Yes!”, And Now You Can Do It At Home… Even If You’ve Never Meditated Before.

“I went from hating my body, disordered eating, and struggling with
my weight to losing 15 lbs and it never coming back. Thank you, Sarah”

 Holly Goodwin,
New York, NY

INTRODUCING  – MEDITATE SLIM an online program with one primary focus – to help you permanently lose weight. Through positive self-exploration and healthy eating patterns, this proven program will support you in stripping away the stress and anxiety that comes with the world of fad diets, diet pills, and disordered eating, which will reveal a new supportive, authentic, and sustainable lifestyle for YOU.

Dear Friend,
My name is Sarah Anne Stewart, and I am so happy you are here. I have no idea how you have arrived on this site. Maybe you read about it in a publication, heard about it from your doctor, your trainer, or a trusted friend.
Regardless of how you arrived, I want to welcome you with an open heart because what you are about to discover is what I’ve found to be the most effective and most powerful way to permanently lose weight. 
But first, I want to share with you the truth about why it has been so hard for you to lose weight and keep it off in the past. And then, more importantly, how to change this truth, and start a new journey towards health and happiness at your ideal weight. 
So if you’re ready to make this ‘your’ year…
If you’re ready to embrace a new life free of  crash diets, starving yourself,  busting your butt in the gym, and seeing the weight you worked so hard to drop come back…
Then I’ve created this especially for you.

Take a Moment To Answer These Questions Honestly

  • Have you ever felt disappointed because you couldn’t lose weight, no matter what you tried?
  • Have you ever felt secretly angry that you had to work hard to stay in shape, when others made it look so easy?
  • Have you ever felt frustrated because you did everything you were told… but you didn’t see results?
  • Do you ever feel anxious, or crazy around food?
  • Does it make you angry that the only way to lose weight seems to be extreme restriction?
  • Do you ever feel sluggish, lethargic, puffy, irritated, or overall, just ‘bleh’?
  • Have you ever felt like permanent weight loss was hopeless?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of These Questions,
There is 1 Thing You Should Know

I want you to know I understand. I too, struggled with all of these things while embarking on my own weight loss journey. But, most importantly I want you to understand that it is not your fault.

With thousands of diets, pills, detoxes, and false information out there, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed with no idea where to turn.

But you already know this. You know that most diet plans are tough to follow and only offer temporary results…


It’s because they are missing a very important piece to the puzzle.

Today you’ll discover… the very best way to lose weight does NOT involve a diet plan.

It does not involve a pill. Or anything unhealthy, frustrating, or painful.

What if I told you it is possible to shift your beliefs about dieting and losing weight… and that once you did, you would be able to achieve your ideal body?

You might think it sounds a little too easy… or too “woo woo”… or that it’s easier said than done…

And in some instances, you would be right. But not today.

Don’t get me wrong – shifting mental patterns can be tough.

However, after over a decade of practice… I’ve figured out a way to do it that works

I’ve now helped dozens of clients bring their conscious and subconscious minds into alignment to help them accomplish their weight loss goals. I’ve developed a proven system, and now, I want to share it with you.

In a safe, peaceful space that will empower you.

Because whether you know it or not… you are constantly creating your body from the inside out.

The Painful Discovery That Lead Me To You Today

Before I tell you more about the method, it’s important I share with you the brief story of how this all came about.

There was a period in my life, not too long ago, that was very painful for me.

I fell into a very unhealthy lifestyle while working in the demanding worlds of fashion and real estate. I thought I could simply counter a chaotic lifestyle with a wheatgrass shot a day and yoga every now and then… but I was so wrong.

Hit with an eating disorder, sluggish immune system, lack of energy, chronic dullness, the inability to focus, weight gain, anxiety, and depression… I was left very sick with nowhere to turn.

After losing complete control of my body, I took baby steps towards leaving a negative lifestyle I developed. I began to clean out the media-influenced, late-night partying, yo-yo dieting, pill-popping, unhealthy body my mindset had attracted. 

So I took a hiatus from my chaotic life and traveled not only across America but also the world. Along the way, I dove deep into holistic healing, breath work, meditation, yoga, alternative medicine and nutrition. I studied at educational programs, seminars and workshops, like the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Cornell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Program, the Gerson Institute and the Anne Wigmore Program.

But, there was a problem.

I still hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Some days, I felt too skinny. Some days, I felt too fat.

My nutrition degrees had taught me how to eat healthy and heal my body. But my mistake was thinking that I had healed my mind.

I was so embarrassed by the fact that I was now a certified health coach, yet I was constantly living with fear that even too much kale and green juice would make me fat.

I worried if I skipped one yoga class, weight would pile back onto my child-bearing hips. I felt anxiety on vacation in a bathing suit, shopping for new clothes, or getting my picture taken. I once skipped a friend’s important event because I felt everything in my closet made me look bloated. I even found myself ‘missing’ the feeling of taking laxatives and diet pills.

I kept searching and searching. I felt like I was trying to find answers that didn’t exist. And then one day, I remembered something my parents used to teach me.

Growing up, they were a little bit “out there”, compared to the rest of the kids’ parents in school. They had taught us meditation around the age of 5. And about energy and breath work soon after. When other kids were playing video games, we were meeting with healers and learning about chakras.

However, once I reached my late teens, I became “too cool” for any of those things. I abandoned these teachings, and started paying attention to what my peers, bookers, and society was telling me.

Finally, I realized it was time to return. I started out with simple meditation and consistent yoga. Then breath work and energy work. I tried to find a specific program or routine that would help me with my body image and confidence issues. But I soon realized, there weren’t any.

So, I began creating my own. I discovered personal mantras to help me regain confidence in my body, meditations to help reprogram my subconscious beliefs about my self-image, and exercises to help heal my relationship with food.

Finally, as days went on, I began to re-claim my self-love. And I found myself caring about myself again, and taking care of myself again.

I found myself reclaiming my freedom. And finally, reclaiming my mind, and my life.

And here is what I learned…

Your turbulent relationship with food… CAN NOT be fixed with another diet. And the more you fear your weight, the more you retreat into your mind. This makes it that much harder to pull out of destructive behaviors you may already have.

You don’t need more knowledge. Really, you already know what’s healthy. You don’t need another pill or another diet. In order to lose weight, in order to permanently keep it off… and in order to live healthy, happy and free… there is only one thing you must do:

You must reprogram your subconscious mind. It is the only way. When you can break yourself free of the boundaries and false beliefs, what you can accomplish is unlimited.

You are unlimited. And I think this is something you already know.

Sometimes, we just need a little help getting there. And that’s perfectly fine, and ok.

Since my healing, I have now been fortunate to have helped dozens of clients overcome their internal battles. As they began to experience life-changing results, I started to realize this wasn’t just a string of luck.

The mediation and reprogramming techniques I had created were really working for others. And as their family and friends noticed their results, I began to get emails and messages from people, all around the world, reaching out for my help. Many became coaching clients, and I was grateful to be able to help them.

But in the last year I began to feel a deeper calling – to help people on a bigger scale… to overcome these issues that are NOT their fault… I wanted to figure out a way to provide anyone who needed it, the opportunity to shift their beliefs, regain their power, and claim back their body, mind, and freedom

If you have ever felt self-conscious about your body image, to any degree, I want to provide you some hope that it doesn’t have to be ‘forever’. Because it absolutely does NOT.

What it does require is… 

A Change In Mindset

Now, what I’m about to tell you may sound harsh, however please know I say it with the most empathy, as someone who has been there…

For just one moment, I want you to try to embrace the idea that your mind is the direct cause of your excess weight.

In other words….

Your Current Belief System Is Keeping Your From Having the Body That You Truly Deserve and Desire

If you’re reading this right now, and if you are like most of my clients, then your thoughts, feelings and emotions have made it next to impossible for you to lose weight. 

Hard to believe right?

For a moment, think of how these words make you feel: shame, judgment, burden, separation, greed, jealousy, fear, embarrassment, heartbreak, anger, injustice, loneliness and sadness. Now imagine not having those emotions ‘weighing you down’. You would feel light, able to breathe, free.

So why is it so hard for us to let these feelings go?

It requires us to embrace the power of self-love, where these emotions CANNOT exist.

Right now, you may be having multiple emotions weighing down on you…

If you aren’t letting go of pain from a parent or lost loved one, food can become your comfort.

If you are frustrated with your dating life, you could be carrying weight as an excuse to not find your true love.

If you are struggling with your career, you could be turning to food as an escape throughout the day.

Even some of my clients who don’t feel valued by their spouse, find themselves turning to food to fill the void.

We all have emotions inside of us, that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it is something we can fix.

And fortunately, once you make the decision to focus on it, it’s not that hard to do. You see, here’s another thing most people who try to get their weight under control never realize:

When You Truly Commit To Embracing Self-Love, Your Body Will Become Healthy And Whole

Now… you might be thinking, “Duh! Of course I want to be thinner, healthier, and happier!”

Well, the problem is not your desire… but your subconscious mind. 

Countless studies have found the subconscious mind to be thousands of times stronger than the conscious. For example, you know raw greens are good for your health.

You know exercise burns calories.

So why are you not eating greens and exercising daily?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT because you don’t want to be healthy.

Good health and a great body is something we all desire.

The reason is a little deeper than that: Childhood thought patterns, emotional pain, internal scars, and social triggers are getting in your way.

These hidden, “bad programming” tapes are what is really keeping you from the body you desire.

You see, until you are able to reprogram your thoughts, you might focus on change for a few days, or even weeks, but you will eventually fall back into the old patterns. 

You might even take great care of your body for a good month or two!

But eventually, you will go back to your old ways.


Why is it so difficult for us to just do what we KNOW is best for ourselves… for the long-term?


It’s because we haven’t been taught. You see… THIS is the one thing most diet programs and other coaches… never teach!

Here’s the good news:

There are proven ways to reprogram your mind.

There are proven ways to replace your repressed, unhealthy emotions with positive ones.

And when you do this…

That is when the magic starts to happen.

That is when your body becomes a reflection of your new, healthier state of mind!

And… that is when it stays that way. That is when you have finally freed yourself from the struggles of constant crash dieting. The worries of how you are going to feel when you look in the mirror. The frustration of feeling of “bleh”. Worrying about how you will look in pictures… or that people are judging you.

It Is Time To Realign Your Thinking, To Set Yourself Free

My clients often ask me why this is so powerful…

It’s one of those things where you can see and feel results… however… sometimes, because we are so accustomed to only seeing results from extreme measures… it can be hard to believe the weight can come off after doing work that is mental, and not physical.

Here’s the reason this is so effective:

As your mind focuses on letting go of your unhelpful emotions, your body will begin to heal itself.

As you let your internal walls down – you are also letting go of the weight.

The way it works is simple:

You are starting to let go of the behaviors that caused you to put the weight on in the first place.

I’m talking about things like overeating. Emotional eating. Eating foods you know are bad for you.

As you heal internally, you gain inner strength. You gain empowerment to begin making better decisions. And as a result, you will change externally.

And you are going to be grateful with what you see.

You will discover that weight loss is more about your relationship with self-love than about your relationship with food and exercise.

And before long, everything becomes a reflection of your profound self-love, that I’m going to invite you and personally guide you to discover.

And now, I want to show you exactly how to do it

Over the past several years, I’ve helped dozens of individuals bring their conscious and subconscious minds into alignment to help them accomplish their weight loss goals.

I’ve developed a proven system that allows individuals to free themselves from negative thought patterns, and reprogram their thoughts…

However, because the tools I recommend come as meditations, mantras, and affirmations – these are best integrated as exercises, I felt it was always best to share them via one-on-one coaching.

The only problem is that it would break my heart when someone would write me, wanting coaching, and for one reason or another, we weren’t able to align.

So I decided, instead to put everything online which would allow me to personally guide… and best of all… it would allow me to make this available to anyone who had the desire to make these permanent changes…

So, for the last year, I have been pouring everything I know into an online course, that designed to help you find your powerful inner confidence around your body, using the same mental reprogramming techniques that have now shown success for myself and so many of my clients.

And I decided to call it, “Mediate Slim”.

Meditate Slim Is A First-Of-Its-Kind Weight Loss Program Designed To Help You Lose Weight With The Power Of Your Mind


Instead of wasting your time with extraordinary diet plans, or superhuman feats of exercise, you will learn a new way to lose weight. A way in which you let go of everything holding you back, and embrace a healthy mindset that will result in a healthy body. Because it’s not just about losing weight… it’s about slimming down from the mental baggage that is getting in the way of your goals.

I created this program with one goal, and it is a simple one: To help you find the freedom to step into a life that is healthy, happy, unabashed, and free.

This is the first course I’ve ever created, and it’s certainly not perfect. I built the website myself, and the videos were filmed and edited by yours truly. If you’re looking for a fancy production, this isn’t it.

However, if you are looking for the real… the raw…  the proven ways to defeat those subconscious beliefs that are holding you back… I would be deeply honored to help.

You Will Receive Access To:

  • Instant access to the exact meditations and exercises I give to my private coaching clients
  • The simple, 8-Week Mediate Slim course in a beautifully-designed, easy-to-view format that can be accessed from any computer that has internet access
  • 34 “Realization Exercises’ that easily support positive mental shifts
  • Over 40 MP3 audio recordings that offer step-by-step guidance and support throughout this journey
  • A downloadable, PDF Meditate Slim Journal with weekly writing prompts
  • My entire, proven system to creating a wonderful, loving relationship with your body that supports you in developing self-love and confidence!



When You Order Today, You Will Receive 3 Free Bonuses:

  • Bedtime journal exercises for further contemplation and discovery beyond the course
  • Access to the ‘Meditate Slim Community Forum’ where you can find inspiration and connect with other wellness warriors
  • A resource bonus page with my favorite powerful, guided audio meditations and resources to support you


The One Main Focus

Is to help you heal your mind-body relationship so the weight stays off – permanently.

This program is focused around permanence, so, if you’re seeking a ‘quick-fix’ solution for your next vacation, then Meditate Slim is NOT for you. Meditate Slim is ONLY for individuals who are finally ready to dedicate themselves to  losing weight for good.

This program is about holistic healing and reprogramming both the conscious and subconscious mind to regulate your metabolism, save you countless hours at the gym, allow you to find balance with your eating, find freedom from disordered thinking, and create peace with your plate.

I have helped dozens of individuals overcome this internal battle, and I am confident that you will too. My goal is to provide you with the resources to finally shift your beliefs, regain your power, and claim the body that you love.


What Just A Few Individuals Are Saying About Meditate Slim…

“If you are looking for a solution to your eating disorder, this course is it! I can guarantee it will change your life. After becoming a professional bikini model, weight and body image issues dictated my life. Using the tools Sarah gave me, I went from hating my body, disordered eating, and struggling with my weight to losing 15 lbs and it never coming back. I continue to use Sarah’s techniques on a daily basis and today I live a beautiful, guilt-free life. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your knowledge with me and the rest of the world.” – Holly Goodwin

The tools in this course have changed my life! When I began working with Sarah, I didn’t need to lose weight, so I never paid much attention to my relationship with my body or food. The exercises she gave me helped reveal what was really missing and showed me an even better way of loving my body and my life. I recommend everyone go through this course… regardless of if you don’t need to lose weight or want to lose 5, 10 or 100 pounds.  Inna Melikhova

“I’ve learned so much about myself over the past few months. Everyone around me is saying that I look so healthy and happy and that they can really see that I’m in a much better place now than before I started this journey. I have improved my health so much  in a short time, but, most importantly, I’m so so happy with who I’ve become.  My entire life has changed using your program and all the tips and tools you have given me.” – Anne-Line Erlandsen

“Sarah Anne is an intelligent, wise, knowledgable coach whose passion for helping others lose weight is truly inspiring. Her knowledge creates the ideal environment for positive transformation. If you want to improve your health and embrace a more conscious lifestyle I highly recommend this course.” – Salihah Sayeed, Author of The Iridescent Path


  • Feeling beautiful and being amazed by how wonderful your body feels
  • Acknowledging your inner beauty and showing kindness and forgiveness to yourself
  • Freely expressing your personality and building a life that supports your goals and dreams
  • Practicing body movement, cooking delicious meals, and quieting the chatter in your mind
  • Feeling gratitude for a lifestyle that supports a diet-free space that supports the happiest, healthiest you
  • Knowing your worth, increasing your confidence, and stepping into your power

8 Crucial Modules For Transformation

Module 1: Optimum Diet

Discover your own optimum diet, embrace the concept of bio-individuality, the importance of intuitive eating, and why each meal should be an uplifting and enjoyable experience. You will come to understand why having your own, unique diet is vital to permanent weight loss.

Module 2:  Love Your Body

Remove false beliefs that are preventing you from living freely and having the body of your dreams by hindering your happiness, creativity and joy. You will shift your beliefs towards unconditional love, understand how your mind creates your current reality, and discover the difference between who you really are and who you were programmed to believe you are.

Module 3: Positive Thinking

Learn why positive thinking is the most important tool for weight loss. You will identify negative thought patterns and change them to a higher vibrational state. Your understanding of why your mind is bullying your body will lead into new, positive thoughts to support you in accomplishing your goals.

Module 4: Changing Habits

Release fear and worry around your current body image and the food you eat. You will discover certain triggers, how to remove anxiety from your current reality, and discover the power of the subconscious mind and how it affects your overall well-being. You will also tap into your childhood and discover how it affects the relationship you have with your body to this day.

Module 5:  Embracing Forgiveness

Learn how a lack of forgiveness leads to emotional eating, so you can release the pain to release pounds. You will acknowledge and remove guilt, anger, shame and resentment from your life. You will discover ways to lighten your mind and set yourself free of what has hurt you. This new level of awareness will help stop the cycle of negativity, so you no longer need to use food to cope with those feelings.

Module 6:  Supportive Lifestyle & Relationships

Develop the tools needed to achieve balance in your life, family, relationships, work and play.  You will come to understand the importance of communication and self-expression to weight loss. You will begin to build an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Module 7: Stress Reduction

Discover how relaxation, balance and decreasing stress are beneficial for weight loss. You will learn how to release tension and anxiety through mind-body exercises. You will also rediscover the art of laughter and play, and how to recapture your inner child.

Module 8: Present Moment

Discover why meditation is vital to weight loss, and how to tune into your body, thoughts, emotions, and inner voice. You will learn how to use breath work and affirmations to shift your vibrations during moments of stress. You will uncover your truest potential within yourself and develop the confidence to master this potential in the present moment.


The Powerful Content Inside The Course

Discovering Your Optimum Diet

  • Practice meditation to help discover your optimum diet
  • Discover why diets don’t work and why you should never go on one again
  • Explore the concept of bio-individuality and how it pertains to your diet
  • Practice intuitive eating to repair your relationship with food
  • Learn the concept of crowding out and how it supports healthy weight loss
  • Enjoy exciting new foods in a simple, natural way
  • Find your own, unique diet to aid in permanent weight loss

Getting to Know & Love Your Body

  • Shift negative thought patterns about your body to a new and loving place
  • Build strong self-esteem and self-love which are crucial for weight loss
  • Understand how your mind creates your current reality
  • Remove false beliefs that hinder your happiness, creativity and joy
  • Discover who you really are versus who others want you to be
  • Embrace your body and develop a powerful sense of body confidence

 Discovering Triggers & Changing Habits

  • Release fear, worry and guilt around eating and body image
  • Discover and remove triggers from your current reality
  • Tap into the subconscious mind and improve your overall well-being
  • Recondition past conditioning and negative experiences that hold you back
  • Discover the top tools to heal distorted eating patterns
  • Push through current comfort zones
  • Reprogram unhealthy habits by adding good things to your life

Positive Thinking & the Energy of Weight Loss

  • Practice positive thinking, the most important tool for weight loss
  • Explore your thought patterns and learn how to change them
  • Take responsibility for your future and shift your current circumstances
  • Learn how to stop allowing your mind to bully your body
  • Advance your thoughts to a higher and happier state
  • Use positive energy to attract your ideal body

Supportive Relationships & Lifestyle

  • Incorporate balance into your life, your family, relationships, work and play
  • Practice communication and self-expression to aid in weight loss
  • Express yourself without the worry of fear or rejection
  • Express your needs for your body and build a life that nourishes them
  • Make positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle through self-love

Embracing Forgiveness & Letting Go

  • Nourish your mind and body with a diet of forgiveness
  • Release pain to aid in your weight loss journey
  • Prevent emotional eating by forgiving yourself and others
  • Acknowledge and release self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors
  • Understand why you carry weight on your body to deal with heavy feelings in your heart
  • Set yourself free of emotional eating, cravings and self-sabotage

Stress Reduction & Learning to Play

  • Increase relaxation, achieve balance and decrease stress for weight loss
  • Release tension through mind-body exercises
  • Understand when stress is beneficial and when it can be let go
  • Shift your attitude so you feel rewarded in the present moment
  • Learn about the connection to breathe and why yoga can be used as a healing modality
  • Relearn the part of play and laughter to recapture your inner child

The Power of Meditation & Present Moment Living

  • Adopt meditation to aid in your weight loss journey
  • Tune into your body, thoughts, emotions and inner-voice
  • Align with your true self through affirmations
  • Meditate to shift your vibration to release anxiety and fears
  • Discover the key components of inner confidence to support all these changes
  • Learn about the spiritual solution to weight loss and stepping into your truest potential

“Wow, Sarah’s teachings have made such a positive impact on my life! She really opened my eyes to what I wanted to change and gave me the courage to move forward. I don’t think I could’ve done certain things in my life without the positive messages I learned. I am so thankful!” – Heidi Kiety 

“I can honestly say what I have found or will find will not be able to compete with the experience of working with Sarah. When I first met her, I instantly felt incredibly loved. I feel a new-found inner peace, and I hope it never goes away. I can’t stress enough how much I felt, and will always feel inspired by her passion to support others on their journey.” – Emily Arther

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am forever grateful for this new awareness that came from just shifting my focus away from weight loss and onto the things that fuel joy and love. This has been the most effective, easy, and natural thing I’ve ever done in my journey towards health and wellness. When I’m busy, just five minutes of meditation during the day and ten minutes of yoga are not wastes of time, but activities that make a substantial difference in my day and weight. I also noticed that I’m eating more intuitively and  actually embracing feelings, even the hard ones  – something I’ve never been able to do. It is pretty awesome and has come so naturally! Thank you again – so much for your support and love on this journey!” – Christina George

“Sarah Anne is a  great mentor! It makes me proud to see that she has evolved so much in her commitment to bring wellness into the lives of others. The world needs more individuals like her if we want to create an aura of wellbeing around us. I highly recommend this course for a healthy you!” – Chandresh Bhardwaj, Founder of Break the Norms

Get Access Now

I have spent a year designing this program that I now use with all my weight loss clients. This information is worth thousands of dollars to the right person. It is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ course and cannot be found in an easy-to-follow format anywhere else online.

So you might be thinking that something of this value would be very expensive, especially because my clients pay hundreds of dollars for personalized programs. Yet, it is not.

So, what am I charging? $197.

Why? Because $197 allows me to reach almost anyone who is easy to embrace a new way of living, focused self-love.

I know that if you are serious enough to put down less than the price of a juice cleanse or new detox program, ‘Meditate Slim’ will recoup your investment many times over.

For a minute, think about the cost of diet pills, diet books, diet programs, and diet workshops – all the things you continue to purchase again and again.

I know this might sound crazy, but I have done this for a couple of reasons:





Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.11.50 AM

The diet industry is set up for individuals to fail, so I understand that you may be feeling reluctant to try something new “again”.  So I am offering a ’30 Day Money Back Guarantee’ to ensure you are completely confident in your decision to move forward with this program.

Plus, I strongly believe everyone struggling with weight loss should have access to this information. It is my hope that when you have friends and family ask you “what has changed?” you will let them in on what you have discovered and spread the word. 

My 100%, N0-Risk To You, Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident in this program, that there is no catch. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, just send us a friendly email and we will be more than happy to refund the entire cost of the program within 30 days of purchasing it. 

Why 30 days? The reason is simple: I know that you are going to be seeing and feeling results within just a few short days of beginning the course. And if you are like most of the people who dedicate themselves to the program, by day 30 you will be absolutely over-the-moon with shifts that have taken place in your life.

However, if for ANY reason you aren’t loving the course, simply let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your money, with no hard feelings and of course will still be friends.  

That is how confident I am that these teachings will support you in working miracles in your life. And, if they don’t, you simply don’t pay.



 Body image issues affect girls as young as 9 years old. When I first heard this statistic, my heart sank. At that moment, I knew how important it is to further support the younger generation in establishing a deep, unwavering self-love. That is why, for every person who invests in ‘Meditate Slim’, we are going to give one person under the age of 18 free access to the content. So when you make this decision to better yourself, you are bettering the life of someone else, too!

I am excited for you to embrace a space where you can heal your mind and body from the disconnect that has burdened you for far too long. I am excited for you to step into a life that is healthy, happy, alive and full of energy.

Throughout this journey, your mind will shift; therefore, your life will shift. Not only will this new mindset help you lose weight, but it will support you energetically in every area of your life . How you feel each morning, your self-confidence, the decisions you make, the opportunities you take and your who lifestyle, will shift for the better.



Imagine, For Just A Moment…

What it would feel like…

To get excited every time you look in the mirror… or when someone wanted to take your photo…because you were confident and in love with your own body.

To be amazed at how incredible your body feels…

To constantly observe how wondrously it operates… to appreciate all your beautiful flaws and acknowledge your inner beauty. To freely express your personality and practice graceful movements. To show yourself kindness and forgiveness. To exude self-confidence and express gratitude. And to fall in love with your body all over again.

All of this could be your new reality, very soon. And it could happen a whole lot faster and easier than you imagine.

To embrace this new path click the “GET ACCESS” button above, and I’ll see you on the inside…

I’m honored to help you create a life of health and happiness.



Beautiful Things People Are Saying About Sarah…

“Sarah’s teachings gave me the courage to really look inside and understand it’s not just about losing the last 10 pounds, but putting your life in full balance, so your body and mind react in the most extraordinary ways.  Feeling and seeing this change leaves you open for more.  Sarah’s more than a coach, she’s like a very wise, dear friend who guides you in a way that is best for you, and she does know what’s best for you!  In just one year, I have a healthy body and mind and a stress free life. I left my corporate job to lead my most authentic life after getting back in touch with the version of me that I’m most comfortable with. I have an entirely different kind of confidence and completely understand my possibilities are limitless.  Thank you, Sarah, for bringing me to this point.” – Danielle Ettl 

“Sarah’s teachings have been unbelievably helpful for my physical and mental health. Sarah genuinely wants the best for all her clients.  She really believes that everything I wanted would manifest with the right work and energy put towards it. The practical tips and insights I learned from her are ones that will stick with me long term. If you want to make a change in your mental and physical well-being, she will help get you on the path to a happier, healthier life!” – Jasmin Guleria, NYC

“Sarah is propelled by passion, diligence and an eagerness to help others by sharing her insight. You can completely change your life by revamping your lifestyle with the help of her. She has inspired me to stay on the path I know I am meant to be on — the path of health and wellness. She has shown me how it is simply enough just to know that this is the right thing for me — for with that knowledge comes passion, instinct and truth.” – Kim Carolan 

“Sarah is truly a marvelous soul. She is smart, driven and encouraging. She understands what it means to have authentic work and live a beautiful life surrounded by others that share the same ideal. Her coaching, writing and experiences that she creates come straight from the heart. I am so grateful to be given the experience to work with her.” Cait Fraser, Wild Wellness Travel


Great question, and the answer is YES. You see, while the basis of this course is meditation, what it is really about is mental reprogramming. In it, you are going to discover dozens of exercises designed to help you control bad food cravings, make better choices about what to eat and when, reprogram negative beliefs about your body that are holding you back from getting to your ideal weight, and much, much more. This is not another diet… This is not another workout program. This is your own personal plan of action for controlling your weight. And the way it works is by adjusting your subconscious mind… so you find yourself automatically attracting the body you desire. And it starts with just a few simple meditations, that anyone can do. Even if you’ve never meditated before… and even if you have a short attention span! I’ve designed the meditations to be simple, yet powerful. They take just 10 minutes a day, and you’ll find yourself feeling not only more confident about your body… but more relaxed, centered, and energized. Best of all, they are fun to do!

Many students who have been fully immersed in the program, can see and feel results within as little as a week. Most say they have a clearer mind, feel better in their bodies and have more confidence almost immediately! Why? Simple: A your mind will begin to focus on letting go of the things that have holding you back and your body will begin to heal itself naturally.  The walls will come down and your body will let go of the weight.  If this sounds easy, it’s because it is! It’s just that no one has ever taught you this before. I also want to point out that I understand your time is precious. And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent so much of your time trying these “lose weight fast” diets.  The problem is they never do what they’re supposed to do… which is work… at least not like you expect or want them to. Because even if you do lose some weight, it always seems to find its way back. But what about all that time and effort you put in? Gone. Wasted… But with this program, you will never have to put yourself through the crazy diets again.  Your body and mind will naturally heal.  And most importantly you’ll save your invaluable time… And the sooner you start, the sooner it can happen for you!

Yes! You are going to absorb and develop the specific tools needed for real, lasting weight loss with as little as 10 minutes a day. And it’s so simple.  There are proven ways to reprogram your mind and when you heal internally, you begin to see amazing changes externally. The exercises don’t take long and can be incorporated seamlessly into your daily routine. Plus, you have the content FOREVER so can always come back to it over and over again.
Regardless of how much weight you need to lose, this program is perfect for you. This program is about shifting your thought patterns because your thought patterns MUST shift in order to create ANY results that you desire. Whether it’s to lose 5 lbs, 50 lbs, or simply to just feel better in the body you have now.

I’ve spent thousands of hours with clients, taken pages and pages of notes, and have come to some serious realizations on what has worked to help individuals lose weight and dramatically change their lives. From my interactions, I have created this program so you can have access right from your computer – whenever is best for you.

We recommend eight to ten full weeks. However, you have the course forever so you can go at your own pace.
All the material is virtual and accessible with your login after your purchase is complete. The course contains video, audio tracks, and downloadable PDF files.
Yes! You don’t have to wait for anything.
This program doesn’t include one-on-one support, but does include private access to a ‘Community Forum’ to connect with other individuals in the program and hand selected expert coaches.
Very simply, it means that if, for any reason, you don’t find value in the course, you can email me within 30 days of purchasing and ask for a full refund. I am fully committed to the power of this course, and that means I’m fully committed to you feeling satisfied with this investment. I want you to know you to know you have nothing to lose, and only freedom to gain.
Yes, We are here for you!

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